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Removal of Unregulated tanks



During a Phase 1 Environmental Assessment, an unused UST gasoline tank and 2 above ground tanks (AST) were revealed to exist on the property.  The Client requested removal of the UST system and the ASTs.  The UST was unregulated and was not in MDEQ’s data base.  Because the property was a Girl Scout Camp on a farm, no UST registration was necessary. Contacted MISS DIG and requested demarcation of all subsurface appurtenances. Prepared a site specific HASP. Retained a UST removal contractor to remove, transport, and properly disposed of 1 UST and 2 ASTs. The dispenser for the UST was located immediately above the UST so extent of piping was minimal and all soils around the piping were removed and disposed with the soils from the excavation cavity. Collected soil samples from the floor of the UST excavation cavity beneath where the former UST. Collected soil samples beneath the ASTs and submitted the samples, under chain of custody, along with a trip blank, to qualified lab for analysis. All samples were maintained at < 40 C and kept in a cooler to maintain integrity.  The samples were analyzed for VOCs, PNAs and metals.  Backfilled the excavation with clean backfill. Assessed the analytical data and found all parameters to be below the laboratory method detection limits.  Prepared a clean closure report for the client that included to scale drawings and an opinion that no further investigation was necessary based on analytical data.


30 Days

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