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 ECI Environmental Consultants
& Engineers, LLC

Qualified UST Consultant

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Project:  Consulting/Institutional Controls

Relevant Environmental Work involving hazardous substances as defined by Part 201 of Act 451.


Performed Type N BEA and Remediation Consulting.  Previous work on this site had been performed by another consultant.  Evaluated environmental conditions which existed at the facility at the time of purchase by the new owner within 45 days of purchase/occupancy that reasonably defined the existing conditions and circumstances at the facility so that in the event of a subsequent release, there would be a means to distinguish the new release from existing contamination. Discussed the project with the MDEQ PM in Jackson, MI and explained strategy prior to proceeding with project.  Engaged MISS DIG to demarcate utilities.  Prepared a HASP and  advanced borings and collected soil and water samples, properly preserved and submitted them, under chain of custody, to a qualified lab for analysis for contaminants believed to be located on the site based on activities, both operational and investigative.  Evaluated exposure pathways and prepared due care obligations and identified for owner response activity undertakings to mitigate unacceptable exposure to hazardous substances and allow for the intended use of the facility in a manner that protects public health and safety.  Advised new owner to take reasonable precautions against reasonably foreseeable acts of omissions of a third party and the consequences that foreseeably could result from those acts or omissions.  Managed the remediation procedure of utilizing an institutional control of covering  a section of the site, where  contaminated existed, with concrete.  Work was completed within time constraints.



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