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ASTM E-1527-00
Phase I ESA for a Marina


A site reconnaissance revealed that the subject property was occupied by one 10,000 gallon UST.  Due diligence revealed that prior to the installation of this 10,000 gallon UST in 1976, a 550 gallon UST and a 1,000 gallon UST (both installed in 1965) were removed from the property.  No records indicating that soil samples were collected and analyzed at the time of the UST removal activities in 1976, during the UST installation in 1976, or during the UST upgrade in 1999 were found within records provided by the MDEQ or the Port Huron Fire Department.  ECI identified the REC and recommended that a Phase II subsurface investigation be performed.



Completed Projects:
•  Remediation Project •  Environmental Site Assesment •  UST Removal •  System Design •  Site Closure •  Baseline Environmental Assessment •  UST Release Closure •  Removal of Unregulated tanks •  Legal Involvement •  UST Involvement •  Subsurface Investigation •  Oversight Management •  Subsurface Investigation •  LUST Closure  •  Subsurface Investigation •  Super Fund Project •  Site Assessment •  UST Removal •  UST Involvement •  Baseline Environmental Assessment •  UST Involvement •  Consulting Institutional Controls •  Subsurface Investigation •  Sampling •  Identification of Location of UST •  UST Release Closure •  UST Closure •  Removal Oversight •  Site Closure •  Environmental Site Assessment •  Phase I ESA •  ESA for a Marina •  Limited Subsurface Investigation •  Residential Apartment Complex •  REC Evaluations •  Bulk/Commercial Fueling Station