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Project:  Super Fund Project

Superfund Facility defined by US EPA Section 101(9) of CERCLA, 42 U.S.C.  9601(9). 



 The US EPA observed evidence of spilled PCBs (Arochlor 1254 and 1260) from electrical transformers that had been tipped over by vandals at an abandoned metal forging facility located along the Detroit River in an industrial/commercial area. The spillage drained into the City of Detroit’s sewer system along Jefferson Avenue.   Several large pits containing oily material existed throughout the facility.  Approximately 100 full and unidentified drums and containers were located on the site, along with some ASTs.  Visible staining of ground surfaces along with pits and sumps containing  unknown liquids were observed by US EPA.  Retained by the client. The project goal was to conduct remediation actions to abate an imminent and substantial endangerment to public health, welfare and the environment.  Performed a feasibility study to determine a cost effective remediation technology. Selected the remediation technology of soil removal and  designed and implemented a work plan and  a site specific HASP, all approved by US EPA. Established and maintained site security. Contained all hazardous substances on site. Retained an EPA approved contractor to remove the large PCB containing electrical cylinders and transformers for disposal by incineration in Georgia.  Removed approximately 2000 cubic yards of concrete and 5,000 tons of soil impacted by PCB.  Designed and implemented a quality assurance soil sampling and analysis plan to test for presence of PCBs in the soils under the concrete.  Interacted with and obtained all permits from the City of Detroit Water and Sewer Department to gain access to their sewers to remediate the water and sewers impacted by PCB.   Pumped and properly disposed over 20,000 gallons of PCB contaminated water that had ponded on the site. Designed a cost effective methodology to prevent  hosing from freezing. (Work conducted in winter during snow storms and freezing cold).  Sampled, identified, inventoried, characterized, and stabilized all drummed and containerized materials, transported and properly disposed.  Prepared monthly reports to EPA.  Assessed all potential exposure pathways for relevancy using RBCA.  Provided substantiating analytical evidence that demonstrated that the PCBs had been remediated. Used RBCA to evaluate the data.


12 Months


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