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Project: ASTM 1903 Subsurface Investigation

Relevant Environmental Work involving hazardous substances as defined by Part 201 of Act 451. Chlorinated solvents.



A Phase 1 and Phase 2, performed by another consultant indicated the presence of perchlorate on a dry cleaner site that exceeded MDEQ criteria. The property owner, who leased the property to the dry cleaners, was in the process of obtaining financing from a lender when the perchlorate was discovered.  The owner’s lender required an assessment of the site. Engaged MISS DIG to identify utilities beneath site.  Prepared and implemented  health and safety plan (HASP); Advanced borings, collected samples and submitted with trip blank, characterized the soils and the nature and extent of the contamination with complete delineation of the site; characterized soils and prepared boring logs;  affected control of the source of the hazardous contaminants, identified and assessed exposure pathways and risks specific to the subject property; set and developed monitoring wells; sampled monitoring wells and submitted samples, under chain of custody, along with trip blank, to a qualified analytical lab for analysis.


6 Months

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