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UST Involvement  LUST Closure, 
Notices,  Permits, Well Abandonment

Part  213 Site Closure; Facility ID#  00012641               Confirmed Release:  C-343-95


Subsequent to removal of 6 USTs, a confirmed release and a free product discovery were filed with MDEQ.  Three of the former USTs contained gasoline and the other 3 contained kerosene and waste oil.  Retained by owner to close the release.  The goal was to delineate the extent of contamination. Potential impact to off site receptors included an adjacent residence, a natural habitat approx 100 ft south of the site, and a utility corridor traversing the site and surrounding the site. Reviewed all previous documentation available on the site. Designed and implemented a scope of work to achieve the client’s goals. Contacted MISS DIG to demarcate all utilities on the site and off where investigation would take place. Submitted notice to perform activities to MDEQ in accord with required time parameters. Obtained permits from the City of Walled Lake to advance borings and install and develop monitoring wells on the City’s property.  Because there was a garage on the site at the time and because the garage had electrical power,  performed Lock-Out-Tag-Out to ensure power remained down while working on site.  Assessed the integrity of existing monitoring wells on the site and sampled those assessed to be in tact.  Advanced soil borings via a geoprobe and colleted soil and water samples and used appropriate preservative techniques. Characterized the soils found in the borings and prepared borings logs. Prepared scaled drawings of the site showing cross sections and included all utilities.  Set and properly developed a well south of the site before the natural habitat.  Assessed all exposure pathways and based on findings, using RBCA,  Certified and filed the Closure report.  Upon acknowledgement from MDEQ,  properly closed all wells on the site.


1 Month

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