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ASTM E-1527-00 Phase I ESA

Project Location:

Three Building Multi-Tenant Residential Apartment Complex


Historical research indicated that the subject property was developed as an apartment complex in 1967.  According to aerial photographs and assessing records reviewed, the remaining two apartment buildings occupying the subject property to the north of the original structure were constructed sometime between 1972 and 1975.  Soil types were researched and groundwater flow was anticipated, and existence and location of subsurface utility corridors were identified. A government agency database search was conducted.  The site reconnaissance revealed no evidence of misuse, spills, or other releases of hazardous and toxic materials and/or petroleum products.  No stains to the soils or vegetation or piles or mounds of soil of unknown origin were observed on the grounds of the subject property.  No foul odors indicating past or current spills were detected on site.  No discarded drums, or other containers, were present anywhere on site.  No RECs were identified in the Phase I ESA, no further investigation was recommended.




Completed Projects:
•  Remediation Project •  Environmental Site Assesment •  UST Removal •  System Design •  Site Closure •  Baseline Environmental Assessment •  UST Release Closure •  Removal of Unregulated tanks •  Legal Involvement •  UST Involvement •  Subsurface Investigation •  Oversight Management •  Subsurface Investigation •  LUST Closure  •  Subsurface Investigation •  Super Fund Project •  Site Assessment •  UST Removal •  UST Involvement •  Baseline Environmental Assessment •  UST Involvement •  Consulting Institutional Controls •  Subsurface Investigation •  Sampling •  Identification of Location of UST •  UST Release Closure •  UST Closure •  Removal Oversight •  Site Closure •  Environmental Site Assessment •  Phase I ESA •  ESA for a Marina •  Limited Subsurface Investigation •  Residential Apartment Complex •  REC Evaluations •  Bulk/Commercial Fueling Station