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ASTM E1527-00
Phase I ESA with Limited Subsurface Investigation/BEA for an Automobile Dealership


Due diligence as part of the Phase I ESA indicated that a confirmed release was reported to the MDEQ. Affected soil was removed and was properly disposed. Soil samples and water samples were collected for analysis, and the lateral and vertical extent of the contamination was defined. The subject property was listed as “closed” at the MDEQ with a closure date of July 16, 1996.  Further due diligence in the Phase I ESA revealed that the interior of the subject building possessed an Above Ground Storage Tank (AST) utilized to store waste oil.  ECI core cut the concrete and hand  augured a shallow sample to determine if spills during transfer had impacted the property.  Samples submitted to the laboratory indicated that metals in excess of MDEQ’s action criteria levels were present.  A Category D (D=Different) BEA for disclosure was submitted to the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) for protection of the new owner against liability for any past existing contamination.  A Section 7A Compliance Analysis was included, which discussed possible exposure pathways, as part of the BEA Report.



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