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 ECI Environmental Consultants
& Engineers, LLC

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Underground Storage Tank Services In Michigan

ECI is Experienced In All Phases of UST Removals And Closures

Experience includes:

  • Characterization, removal and proper disposal of liquid waste from the tank
  • Cleaning the tank interior and monitoring the lower explosive level (LEL) of tank and surrounding areas before removal
  • Proper disposal of UST; Collection of soil samples from excavation pit for lab analysis; Analysis of soil samples
  • Site assessment report preparation and site/release Closures in accordance with MDEQ-RRD regulations
  • ECI performs compliance evaluations, conducts facility upgrades, and develops management plans for underground storage tanks (USTs)
  • Each site is unique and is therefore evaluated on an individual basis taking into consideration each tank's age, condition, contents, hydrogeological characteristics and Michigan UST regulations

ECI's evaluation plan includes:

  • Present and Future Compliance Deficiencies

  • Appropriate Upgrade Alternatives

  • Development of Tank Compliance Management Programs

  • Reduction of Exposure to Present and Future Clean-Up Liabilities

  • Tanks that present a high risk of leakage, or are no longer needed, are removed unless building integrity is threatened and then tanks may be closed in place with permission from MDEQ-LARA.

If a UST is leaking, additional environmental engineering services may be required to remediate a site to regulatory standards.   ECI assists clients in satisfying their regulatory responsibilities by offering the following services:

  • Site investigation to assess the extent of contamination

  • Design and development of remediation

  • Remediation program supervision and/or completion

  • Total project management and Regulatory agency liaison services

ECI provides the following services:

  • Tank Closure Specification Preparation 

  • Alternative Product Storage Methods and Development, Design and Implementation

  • Tank Closure

  • Total Project Management

  • MI Certified Release Closure