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UST Removal/Site Assessment/Soil
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Removal of UST



An 8,000 gallon capacity gasoline containing UST on the subject property had been red flagged.  Retained by client. Contacted MISS DIG to demarcate all subsurface appurtenances on the site.  Prepared a site specific health and safety plan (HASP). Submitted Notice of Tank Removal to MDEQ.   Retained a tank removal contractor to remove the tank.  Directed contractor in pumping  of tank material, transporting and the proper disposal.  Directed contractor to remove tanks and piping.  Directed contractor to remove and clean tank and subsequently dispose.    Collected and submitted soil samples to an analytical laboratory for waste disposal approvals.  Collected  site assessment samples.  Used proper preservatives (Method 5035) for VOCs in samples and maintained samples at 4 degrees C in a cooler and delivered, under chain of custody and with a trip blank, to a qualified independent laboratory for analysis of gasoline parameters and lead. Backfilled cavity with clean soil.  Assessed laboratory data using RBCA and MDEQ Criteria.  All reported parameters were non-detect. Prepared documents for client to submit for change in UST registration that tank was removed.  Prepared clean closure report for client to submit to MDEQ in format and content as required by MDEQ. 


3 Months 

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