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Removal of Underground Storage Tanks


Notified MDEQ, within required time constraints that tanks were going to be removed.  Contacted MISS DIG to demarcate site for all utilities.  Cordoned off work area to prevent access by general public.  Prepared HASP specific for site.  Using records from MDEQ UST list and fire department drawings and other available site diagrams, marked out location of tanks and piping.  Directed contractor to blow back piping lines into tanks prior to removal to minimize potential for release  Directed contractor to pump out tanks, transport material and properly dispose. Directed contractor to remove asphalt and properly dispose.  Directed contractor to remove tanks, piping, and dispensers and islands.  Observed liquid in excavation (tanks and piping had leaked). Directed contractor to pump out petroleum ladened water from excavation, transport and dispose.  Directed contractor to excavate overburden soils, transport and properly dispose.  Manifested all materials leaving site.  Collected floor samples at each end of cavity where each former tank had lain. Collected samples for analysis via SW 846 for extended BTEX parameters for gasoline, PNAs for diesel fuels, and lead chromium and cadmium. Preserved samples with methanol via method 5035 for VOC analysis.  (No liquid or water in excavation cavity; only soil samples collected). Maintained samples at <4 degrees C in cooler to maintain integrity. Submitted samples, under chain of custody, with trip blank, to independent qualified laboratory for analysis. Concentrations of contaminants exceeded laboratory’s method detection limits as well as MDEQ’s Residential Criteria.  Backfilled excavation with clean sand.  At client’s request, covered soils with gravel layer.  Prepared and provided to client, Notification of Confirmed Release for submittal to MDEQ.  Prepared and provided to client Amended Tank Registration documents for submittal to MDEQ to notify State that tanks were removed from ground.  Informed client that he had a release and that a Closure of the release by a Qualified Consultant would be required.


1 Month

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