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ASTM E1527-00 Phase I ESA and Limited Subsurface Investigation at a Bulk/Commercial Fueling Station


A site reconnaissance and records review conducted during the Phase I ESA revealed that the subject property had been utilized as a bulk/commercial fueling station since 1971.  Six USTs, and two ASTs were observed on the property.  After preparing a Health and Site Safety Plan (HASP) and following a Quality Assurance Procedure Plan (QAPP),  ECI advanced borings and collected soil samples with proper preservative and submitted the samples under chain of custody for analysis for VOC’s, PNA’s and lead.  Selection of parameters and location of soils samples were based upon the storage of gasoline, diesel fuel, and kerosene in under ground storage tanks (USTs) above ground storage tanks (ASTs).   A biased sampling plan was designed, based upon the location of the USTs, ASTs, and subject property features, e.g. drinking water well, utilities, groundwater flow, etc.  Each sample core was screened for VOCs in the field using a P.I.D meter.  Samples with the highest reading were taken to the lab for confirmation from each boring.  A written report describing all field activities was provided.  Confirmation soil samples revealed no concentrations that exceeded the exposure pathways of soil volatilization to indoor air inhalation, direct contact, ground water surface water interface, or drinking water.  There was no indication of offsite migration by any of the identified substances.  



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