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Project:   Part 213 Site Closure

Facility ID #:  00006383
Confirmed Release:  C-635-97


LUST Closure  Prepared HASP and engaged MISS DIG. Designed and implemented sampling and analysis plan to determine if plume had migrated off site and if there were exposure pathways to utility corridors and/or volatization from soil/groundwater into building pathways.  Performed corrective action activities including immediate response action; determined free product was not present and performed site assessment activities including initial assessment report, final assessment report; Classified site; Performed tiered evaluations and identified clean up goals; Prepared corrective action plan; Collected and analyzed verification samples. Assessed analytical data using RBCA and MDEQ Criteria.   Remediated approximately 150 cubic yards of soil.   Prepared written report. Closed LUST and Certified the Closure.



3 Months

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