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Phase I ESA for a Developing Residential Subdivision


Lender for a Developer requested a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for (approximately 50 Acres).  Site investigation included a visual inspection of the grounds of the subject property, and all surrounding properties.  Soil types were researched by utilizing the Macomb County Soil Survey (issued by the US Department of Agriculture). Groundwater flow was anticipated by reviewing soils types, topographic maps, site specific slopes, existence and location of subsurface utility corridors, if any. Historical investigation was conducted back to the year 1940.  Determined, by reviewing historical aerial photographs, historic topographic maps and city assessing records, that the property was utilized for agricultural purposes from as early as 1940.  A government agency database search was conducted to discover high potential environmental liability sites on and within a one-mile radius of the subject property.  Macomb County Health Department (MCHD) and the New Baltimore Fire Department, were contacted to obtain information regarding any possible past or current releases, involving the subject property.  Historical research conducted on the property revealed that the property had been utilized for agricultural purposes or had been vacant property overgrown with vegetation since at least 1940.  The top layers of the soils of the subject property had been removed during the land balancing portion of the development process.  Any soils likely to show elevated levels of herbicides and pesticides would have existed within the top layers of the soil which were removed during the land balancing activities.  No further environmental investigation was recommended.



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